Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recent Work

Despite the miserable weather in the Mid Atlantic this week, I have been able to get some painting done, inspired by Historicon being almost upon us.  Norman ran a playtest of his (now cancelled) Historicon chariot game last weekend, so I made a push to finish off this batch of Libyans:

A band of Caesar Bronze Age Libyans
I got so eager to finish them that I tried to convince myself that spray varnish would work in this weather; after coming out almost white, they were luckily salvaged when I found a cool dehumidified basement for a second coat.

Company of Schoeffen-Buschhagen Schultheiss Infantry Regiment (organized for Charge!)
I posted a sample shot of the S-B infantryman the last time around.  The unit is ready for basing, but I am waiting on a batch of basing products from Litko.  I'll report on that when they arrive.

I also mentioned that my next task was to work up a few figures to complete units we acquired last year at Cold Wars.  Here is the first group; three musketeers, a company command element, a colonel and a sergeant major to finish up a regiment of the (not yet permanently named) blue coats.  The original figures (with flesh retouched) are the group to the right.  I tried to match the original painting style as much as possible.

I also painted a standard bearer for the unit.  I got as far as adding a paper flag just before heading out on errands yesterday.  Norman picked it up and painted this, which he says is not quite done yet, while I was gone:
Blue Lion flag
He's also starting to work on the fabled second squadron of Wachovian Hussars ...

Mesiterzinn Hussar castings ready for priming

I still have one more day before I go back to work on Monday and hope to do a bit more.


  1. They look good. I've been pondering black gaiters for any new units.

    There are whispers in the hallways at court that Rosmark needs to get casting.

  2. Upon a field gules, a fess argent, a lion rampant azure. Very nice, simply designed flag. :-)

    1. Yes, my kids were raised doodling heraldry, so they are good on design. :-)

  3. Of course, that was before I cluttered it up with a wreath and a scroll with the regiment's motto... :P

    1. ...and I'll post a finished picture tomorrow

    2. Oh, those regimental adornments are what you expect as each unit forms its own history, tradition and differencing. The basic design is what makes the flag ... erm... 'flaggish'...