Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prince August Package

Yesterday was not a great day; I was off from work on sick leave with some mysterious fever which hit on Thursday night. I didn't even do any hobby activities (apart from reading), but I was cheered up midday by the arrival of a package from Prince August. Given that I ordered it early last week, I have to say that I think 9 days for trans-Atlantic service quite good. I also had an extended conversation with their webmaster, helping them debug the shopping cart. (-:

So! Eight new molds (Hunting Scene is a two mold package) have been added to the mix, and I'm eager to get casting on them. My old HE range firing line figures can now have a standing officer and drummer to match them in pose (or should I say, repose?), and the light infantry can now have bugles rather than drums as another visual clue. I've admired Ross's Carbineers for some time, though in my army these are likely to be styled light dragoons. I wish, though, that there was a fifer in the range...


  1. A delivery to perk anybody up !, hope your feeling better enough to get casting

    1. I'm feeling better, thank you, but I usually cast outside for ventilation and other safety issues, and it's been threatening thunderstorms all weekend. Having large amounts of water dumped on the casting gear is the one thing that makes the outside less safe than indoors...but I've at least started some preliminary venting of the molds. Soon...

  2. Ooh Hounds! I've been contemplating ordering that set.

    Hopefully some casting tomorrow.