Sunday, March 15, 2015

Butterfly Syndrome

I still hope to type up a Cold Wars report soon. For embarrassing technological reasons (didn't empty my phone...), there won't be many pictures.

February turned out to be a really good month for painting.

Everything in this box was done in February, which made it one of my best months in a decade or more. I was, in fact, so busy actually painting that I neglected to update my blog. In addition to all of that fantasy, most of of which is Reaper Bones, I also finished a stand of Saxon skirmishersfor my Dux Bellorum project, and a bunch of 1/72 individuals for the Portable Fantasy Game.

I've decided that I don't really want to spend my hobby time worrying about quotas and deadlines, which feels too much like the real world, so I am trying to relax to the idea that I'll just go with the flow, and paint whatever seems interesting. It's not like I'm short of games to play while working on something else. However, it does highlight my problem with the Butterfly Syndrome (i.e. the tendency to flit from one project to another).

I wrote down all the things that sound interesting now, interesting enough that I've got started miniatures actually on my desk. It turns out that I'm working on 40mm Not Quite Seven Years War (which Ross and I will be running at Huzzah in May), 28mm fantasy (as seen above), 28mm Dark Ages (which I ran at Cold Wars), the home-cast 25mm Dux Bellorum project, 1/72 individually based fantasy figures for the Portable Fantasy Game, and 1/72 units for a fantasy/Punic Wars project.

Here are two stands of that, finished up on Friday. I have Armati Roman and Carthaginian armies (in the 'optimal' scale), and I'm trying to do two things with them. The first is to add enough stands to permit me to field the 'intro' scale armies for the Spanish, Gauls, and Carthaginians, who currently make up Hannibal's mercenary army.

The second is to be able to field those four armies (Romans, Carthaginians, Gauls, and Spanish) as fantasy armies in the long-delayed Myboria campaign, intended to be played with Hordes of the Things.

The two stands shown above, a magician and a shooter, will give a little flex to the Gauls, whose collections currently consists of 4 stands of cavalry (knights in HotT) and 10 stands of warbands. I also hope to do a hero stand soon, using the HaT Gallic Warrior Queen.