Monday, July 17, 2017

Recent 1/72 scale barbarians

I am continuing to gradully chip away at the Hordes of the Things barbarian (Viking) army which I want for my projected solo fatnasy campaign. I finally finished up two more warband stands (though I should take their picture from a greater distance...), which puts me close to being able to deploy a 24 point standard Hordes army. When using these figures wih Dragon Rampant, as also planned, two stands are a unit, so I'm still short about 4 stands of a reasonable warband.

I also inventoried the 1/72 fatnasy recently, and came to the conclusion that I could (barely) deploy two armies for the feudal kingdoms on the fantasy map, so I am hoping to put some preliminary games on the table soon.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

More painting

With these two, my travel paint kit is temporarily empty of figures. On the left is a Minifigs ME19 Rohirrim lancer, of the topknot variant. I'm trying to work on getting cavalry painted more expeditiously, and this model wasn't too hard. The other figure is almost vintage--it's an unreleased Heritage wizard, available through Mike Thomas's Classic Miniatures. Time to base up this work...

Monday, July 3, 2017

More Vintage Fantasy Figures

I have had some time to work this weekend, and painted the Broadsword P11 ranger swordsman-captain for my Broadsword ranger unit, as well as two vintage Heritage Gondorian citadel guards, original catalog number 1060. Next up is a Minifigs Rohirrim lancer to match the archer from the previous post.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Some recent painting

I was out on a business trip last week with my portable paint kit. Here are a few vintage figures finished and ready for basing.

The Gandalf is a Minifigs ME4. The rather barbaric Rohirrim horse archer is a Minifigs ME20, and the lutenist is a Broadsword P11 ranger. I'm not sure that the lute would be my instrument of choice ranging through the woods, but I like the figure. I have, from the same set, a swordsman/captain and a handful of archers (five, I think), and hope to get them all finished as a little Dragon Rampant unit soon. They'll be scout unit, or, if one thinks of them as elite, a reduced model count bow unit.