Sunday, May 31, 2015

More Classic Figures

I've got a couple of posts worth of things to write, but time has been scarce lately. I have, at least, been able to do some painting, some gaming, and have made it to Huzzah in Portland, Maine since the latest post.

So, in the interest of getting *something* up, here are some recent painting shots, all old Ral Partha figures:

These fellows are wood elves (CS-2), from the Fantasy Collector series armies.

This is a CS-15, high elf with greatsword (which has never looked like a very practical horseman's weapon to me...). I'm practicing new horse colors, with this being a buckskin.

And, lurking in the shadows is an ES-13 assassin. I used to have one, in a bright Humbrol enamel version of the same color scheme, but he's been lost to time.