Saturday, July 17, 2010


I note that it has been six weeks or more since the last time I managed to cobble together a post.  This is something of an embarrassment.  On the other hand, I must admit to being used to embarrassments of one sort or another, and I suspect that we all have such skeletons in our wargaming closets.  The figure above, for example, is an English demi-lancer in 40mm, converted (lightly) from a Meisterzinn tournament lancer using a spare head available in their musketeer mold.  It was not particularly difficult to do the metal work, nor was it difficult to paint.  However, there he sits, as he has for some five years now, awaiting a companion so as to form a base and get into action.  What is it that makes motivation so fickle?

I recently had a hot day with still air available, and took my melting pot outside for another crack at some of the molds we worked with back at the end of May.  I also cast a few of each of the five poses of old Herald Trojans (molds available from Castings, Inc.).  I've had that set of molds for many years, and managed to cast, convert and paint about ten figures some years ago, after which the project stalled entirely.  Under the influence of some recent reading in the role-playing game line (a tale for a different day), I dusted off the molds for another go.  Perhaps a game is in the near (?) future; something suitably modest in scale would be appropriate.  As least the conversion and metal work on this batch was a pleasant morning's task.

While not all of the distraction I've been having in the outside world has been equally entertaining, I might as well take this opportunity to post a shot from early June, of winning an ice dancing medal with my coach. It's quite a bit different from the gaming table. ...