Friday, July 20, 2012

New orders received!

The colonels of the regiments observing the border of Stanzbach-Anwatsch gather to meet the courier from the Pragmatic Coalition headquarters. Irritated by the diplomatic vacillation of Stanzbach-Anwatsch, the high command has issued orders to invade. This in retaliation for S-As recent diplomatic defection and support of the Northern Alliance during the siege of Adelheim.


  1. there's trouble afoot, nice little vignette

    -- Allan

  2. Oops. Someone's got his feelings hurt. There's gonna be a bit of a scuffle as we say in St. Maurice ('course we say it in French...) Looking forward to more. - Mike

  3. A message from the Ambassador from Rosmark.

    " His Majesty is most displeased at this interference with a sovereign state by those who wish to impose P.C. views and behaviour upon it. If the Co-alition does not withdraw, Rosmark will feel compelled to intervene".

    Of course it might take a few months for them to get there.....