Sunday, April 9, 2023

Scrum Con IV

 Yesterday was Scrum Con IV at the Silver Spring Civic Cetner in the suburbs of Washington.  Scrum Con is a small one-day local convention which aims to be split about evenly between miniatures and role-playing events.

As noted before, I ended up deciding that the best course of action was to modify (and hopefully simply, for convention purposes) a recent version of Rough Wooing/Gathering of Hosts by Ross Macfarlane.  The original is generally intended for two players and goes by a unit by unit card activation.  I divided each of the sides in this game into three sections and let them activate three units per side with each turn of the card (one per player).  This still wasn’t quite as fast as I’d like, but we got through six full turns.  Some of the unit activations could take a while.

It was fun to see Chris Palmer’s war machines on the table after an absence from conventions of over 20 years, and I hope to use the inspiration to get some project expansion painting done.  

Landship “Celia” tussles with the Duke’s gendarmes

The “Romeo” advances in the center…watch out for the solar ray projector!

The players were all engaged, and not all my age…

Away from the landships, conventional troops had a place

I had a lot of interest in the Nuernberger Meisterzinn home cast figures in the game.  I suppose that not many players are casting their own pewter anymore…