Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waiting Games

Hurricane Irene made it a busy weekend. Skater son William was across the country in San Francisco with his partner and coach for a competition, leaving Norman and me to deal with storm preparations as calmly as we could. Since we live along a river, and access to our town is limited to three roads, one of which can flood and the other two of which run through wooded areas where fallen trees might be expected to be a problem, we decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and headed up the hill to spend the night at my SO's house.

Ironically, my house was tight and dry throughout, and the storm winds pushed the water down the river and bay away from us, so all was well at home. We spent an uncomfortable night in the dark without power, though, bailing out the basement at our refuge.

Anticipating that we might have some slack time while awaiting developments, we had added the 6mm Hordes of the Things/DBA box to our evacuation package. As it turned out, we did have time (while watching the stew on the camping stove) on Sunday to play a few games of Hordes. Here an element of my 6mm Irregular elven archers hides in a convenient forest, awaiting the Orcish army.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After a week of intensively finishing off a proofreading job in all of my free time two weeks back, and a week devoted to the final preparations for my first outing to a ballroom dance competition this last weekend, I am hoping to get back into a gaming and painting groove for a while. This past Friday I invested most of my available home time into cleaning off my painting desk. Norman and I also sorted our 40mm NQSYW castings into unit sets and assessed our shortfall areas in anticipation of casting next weekend, AND I rebased a number of Airfix Sherriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood figures into a hasty Hordes of the Things medieval fantasy army, as both sons have armies nearing completion. I haven't, however, had time to finish terraining the bases since then.

I was given a few Meisterzinn 40mm semiflat Renaissance molds today, by a work colleague, which may see use as soon as next weekend...I'm still pending a discussion with Ross about next year's concentration on the 16th Century for convention games.

I have a feeling that trying to do less would result in more things actually being finished ....

Friday, August 5, 2011


I don't know why it is, but ancient habits have left me feeling that 1/72 scale plastic doesn't "count" when I'm trying to avoid expanding what's on my project plate. I noted at the time of my Historicon report that I picked up a couple of boxes of plastic for my stalled Russian Civil War project, and additional reinforcements arrived from Michigan Toy Soldier yesterday. Now to do some painting...which I'd like to have in hand before ordering a small handful of vehicles from Reviresco.