Thursday, April 2, 2020

“Look, sweetie, I painted the house...”

...although maybe that wasn’t what she had in mind? 😁

I sat down at my painting desk one day last week, and realized that I had two resin buildings sitting on one side of the desk. Before I knew it, I found myself finishing one off.

In 2017, my brother was in a scenery building campaign, and talked my into back a Kickstarter by Apocalypse Miniatures for some fantasy resin buildings.  I ended up with ten, ranging in size from a large farmhouse to an outhouse (which I painted in November).

This piece is in the Apocalypse Miniatures catalog as the “Apothecaries Rest”.  I painted an Oathsworn miniatures Burrows and Badgers resin building a while back, and received some comments on it that my weathered wood shingles were too close in color to the stone grey of the walls. I decided that I would go ahead and make the shingles on this building a little browner, for contrast.

I like the aesthetic of this series of buildings, but I do note that they are SOLID pieces of resin.  This building is about two pounds of resin (935g for the metric enabled).  They were always expected to be part of my non-convention gaming, but the weight confirms that they are not going anywhere.  For conventions, I will continue to work with card models.

As long as I am working on these, I dug out the next two buildings to wash, in anticipation of priming:

Unfortunately the roadbed of the wooden bridge is a little warped, but we’ll see what happens when I glue it together.

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