Sunday, April 12, 2020

Another House for the Scenery Upgrade

In between other activities yesterday, I finished up another resin building for my (mostly fantasy) scenery upgrade project.  This one is simply called the cottage in the catalog of the Tabletop World 
company.  As with the Apocalypse Miniatures house I finished recently, I owe this one to my brother, who found an American distributor carrying them a few years ago at Gencon. I bought two, this one and a forge.  The forge is still awaiting work.  

While the painting work on this was spread out over several sessions separated by many months and a household move, it wasn’t particularly difficult, and, as you can see, the pieces are highly detailed and very cleanly cast.  They are not inexpensive, but I would happily buy soon as I get a few other things done, and provided that I can come up with a good storage system for them.  Unlike the Apocalypse Miniatures buildings, this range is hollow (in fact, it has some basic interior details), and is therefore lighter and perhaps a bit easier to transport.  This is still likely, though, to remain as part of the “home” set of scenery.

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