Saturday, March 28, 2020

...Improve each shining hour...Reprise

 The first full week of working at home ends, and I can turn my attention to other things for a couple of days.  I had hope to get outside and do some scenery work or possibly even a bit of casting, but the weather is not cooperating.

A wet gloomy day

Happily, it was a beautiful early spring day yesterday, so, when work ended, I grabbed my untested new Hot Wire Foam Factory kit and a sheet of pink insulation board and took it out into the back yard to give it a try.

Hot Wire Foam Factory tool kit
 I cut a three level hill for a corner of a table, and one small single-level hill.  I had hoped to get to the home improvement store for some household latex in some sort of green to match the mat I’ve been using on the table (see, for example, the Dragon Rampant post two back from here).  However, that didn’t happen, so I have whatever resources I have around the house.  In any case, I’m probably going to have to try a couple of different techniques.  The good news was that the cutting was really easy, so additional batches will not be difficult.  These will probably end up painted with whatever cheap craft paint I have and then covered in sand and/or Woodland Scenics ground foam flock. My brother also recommends gluing the pink board together with Alene’s Tacky Glue, so I’ll give that a try on the stacked hill.
Some test pieces
It’s a commonplace of the current crisis, but I like to bake bread even in better times, so that’s what I’m up to this morning.
Bread rising...
 However, the next bread project is going to be a try at some French baguettes rather than more whole wheat sandwich bread, because the whole wheat flour container is down to less than half.  I still have a five pound bag worth of all-purpose flour left after Christmas baking and some bread flour.  Dinner is likely to be curried lentils today.
...but the flour container is getting low.
With everyone discussing solo wargaming, I took a look at the blog of the Solo Wargamers Association, and decided that it was finally time to join.  I also picked up a few of the recent issues of The Lone Warrior, so I can be gathering some inspiration whether or not I can get anything on the table this weekend.

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