Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recruitment Reprise

My compact fluorescent lights are not doing any favors to the colors on these troops, but I wanted to post something today rather than wait until I had time to fiddle photography under more favorable circumstances.  I've had some lunch time free the past couple of days, and have made some progress on the command figures for this infantry company, here seen with a varnish coat awaiting final basing, and on the musketeers, who have had some basic colors roughed out.
 William has been working on an artillery crew for his army, as seen in the previous entry.  This is probably more useful for Historicon; Ross and I discussed fortress plans today, and we'll probably need crews for 20 more guns than we presently have...


  1. Looking good.

    I have just finished another company of PA figures myself.

    I do like the Gloss Varnsish look on the figures

  2. Pleasant uniforms.
    Gunpowder is *dirty*, but 'historically' artillery crews generally took off their coats in action: the waistcoat looks suitably dark enough :)

    Btw, what is the name of your son's Country?