Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prince August mystery

So here's the mystery Prince August mold I acquired over the weekend.  It makes a kneeling grenadier and a charging musketeer.  The musketeer looks like the same one as in one of the Wild Geese molds, but I don't remember ever seeing this one in the catalog.  Unlike some PA molds, there's no number on the sprue.  The only other PA mold I have with a top and bottom arrangement is one of the Rossbach Prussian infantry molds.


  1. It's an oldish mould all right - I had one about 20 years ago.

  2. Perhaps a note to PA?

    The grenadier looks more fully round than than the wild geese one. Is that a photo illusion? If he is rounder, He might make a good front rank for my Rossbach Prussian Grenadier.

    I'l have a look at my old PA catalog from the early 80's.