Wednesday, September 18, 2019

More Dux Bellorum Saxons

I have been intending to get back to working on the French Revolution project, but I have actually spent the last few painting sessions finishing another project already primed on my desk. I've been working intermittently on Dux Bellorum for a few years, and recently reached the point where I could field the whole Saxon force out of various home cast figures.

In a burst of enthusiasm after that game, I built and primed four more stands of troops, but then set them aside while some other project got done. This week it was their turn...

I am hoping to get back to metal work preparations soon.


  1. Well I rescued enough of my old Scots to fill 4 stands of wild types. Probably took me almost as long!

  2. The figures look great, what make are they?

    1. Amazing what a little paint will do. :D The figures are mostly Prince August, from a fantasy barbarian mold, with a sprinkling of old Prince August multi-part Late Romans and enemies molds, and one spearman casting from a Dutkins Lil Armies barbarian mold. That last wasn’t listed on their web site when I checked a few months ago. While I have departed from the original idea with the Britons, the Saxons are all homecast figures as an artistic challenge/limitation.