Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Relief of Adelheim, Historicon Game 5

Our final game of the convention cycle was at 2:00 this afternoon. Five players, our record for the weekend, showed up for a relief force battle. We had multiple possibilities prepared and chose to use a fairly small action. The advance guard of the relief force, two understrength cavalry regiments and a battalion of jaegers, came onto the rear of the besieging army, encountering an understrength line infantry regiment, and two similarly understrength cavalry regiments. After a sharp action lasting about seven turns and two and a half hours, the relief force was driven off, and the fortress presumably surrendered shortly thereafter...


  1. Sounds an excellent game...
    best wishes

  2. The whole series of games look great.

    Did you get many comments about Prince August figures?



  3. I wish that you'd taken more photos. They look like interesting games.

    -- Jeff

  4. Mark, we got lots of comments about the Prince August figures. That may end up as a post of its own. Jef, there are lots of pictures. For technical reasons, I don't seem to be able to email a blog update with more than one, so I hope to upload some longer galleries this week.