Saturday, July 16, 2011

Historicon 2011 AAR-- Photo Gallery

These pictures ended up coming up in reverse chronological order, and I apologize for just leaving them that way.

We therefore start at the end, with a couple of shots of my team and our diorama from the Iron Paintbrush competition.  We were given the randomly selected design elements of Magenta, Stars, Snow, and "It hurts when I pee...", so we ended up with a rider having paused for a rest stop, in his magenta tunic and starred shield, having an unhappy encounter with a knife-wielding gremlin or goblin or some such...

Long time HAWK Buck Surdu was inducted into the HMGS Legion of Honor, and we had time before the Iron Paintbrush to attend the ceremony.
 The defenders of the siege's rear area driving off the advance guard of the relief force in Game 5...

Scenes from the sieges interspersed with a few interesting sights ...

Matt Kirkhart's amazing homebuilt ancient game; last year Cunaxa, this year Megiddo. The rules were a modified Morschauser, but, alas, I didn't have time to play.

The Northwest Frontier, in a version of history I don't seem to have encountered in school...

William's Lego pulp game for kids

William, in his first outing as a gamemaster

The Freedonian mortar; Geoff's had this for ten years, and I think this was the first time we've actually had a reason to put it on the table

Wachovians sortie

Digging a battery, overseen by a Stanzbach-Anwatsch engineer officer in a brown coat

View from the wall #1, far focus

View from the wall #2, near focus

Wiegenburgers man the ravelin...again and again
 Here's a little grouping of the plastic armies for kids give-away project.  We were given a huge box of old comic book American Revolution plastic figures last year, from the Wally Simon estate, with the intention of getting them into the hands of kids.  So the HAWKs painted them, grouped them into armies, and then staged games in which some lucky kids went home with rules, scenery, and two armies.

Norman in a game

Duncan's WWI 1914 table

Buck Surdu's frog game
 And the last group is from the wagon train game at the beginning of the convention ...

The Lost Gun

Complicated maneuvers are usually a bad idea in Charge

Wachovian escorts shake into line ahead of the wagons

The lost gun arrives on the table

The Stanzbach-Anwatsch infantry

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