Friday, June 24, 2022

Information on Schneider Molds


I really should know better than this, but I realized the other day that I might have more luck in finding some information on Schneider molds if I Googled in German.  (“Schneider Giessformen” …) In the process I discovered that this book was available through Amazon.  Since it is a print-on-demand, it came promptly, and even has a text (in smaller print) in English following the German.  I’m still absorbing it, but there is more information (and more molds…) out there than I had imagined.

Prompted by last week’s Not Quite Seven Years War game, I decided to return to the painting table, and dug out a partially completed unit I started working on sometime last year.  All the way back in 2011 (??!?) we acquired someone else’s partial imagi-nations project.  Most of the units have been rounded out, but there are still some partial units that have never been regularized and brough to the tabletop. These red coated troops will be a second regiment of infantry (or part of one, at least…) of the Archbishopric of Schluesselbrett when completed.


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  1. That book looks jolly interesting ! , must try and get a copy .