Sunday, July 7, 2019

Encounter at the Old Stone Bridge

 You know that your family is deep in geekery of various sorts when the activity for the morning of your son’s wedding finds you setting up a skirmish game in the hotel room. (Of course, the groom and the groomsmen were engaged in a game of Magic: The Gathering at the time...). My brother and I are running two sessions of Osprey/Oathsworn’s Burrows and Badgers for Gencon, and we thought that it was an opportune time to practice a bit more before the convention.  Happily, a work desk in the room allowed us to set up something about 2 feet by 3 feet.  We just used the basic battle scenario, looking to rout the opposing warband, and entered along the road from either direction.
The Battlefield
My brother chose a warband led by Reynard the highwayfox, with Red Sam the armored squirrel as his lieutenant, backed up by three mice, one of whom was a magic user.  I had a troupe of six, led by Blacknose the otter, with Wild Ned the highlander ferret as his lieutenant, a mole landsknecht, a crossbow-weasel, an herb-hedgehog, and a highlander mouse.  Reynard’s band advanced quickly and began to cross the bridge, but were met by Wild Ned who engaged in an extended fight with Red Sam.  As other beasts piled into the fray, Reynard attempted to wade across the river, only to be sorely wounded by a crossbow bolt from the weasel.  By the time he finished wading across, it only took one more bolt to drop him.
Reynard’s beasts reach the bridge...
At the bridge, beast after beast joined the fray, and soon it was too much for Sam.  A final blow from the mole put him out of action, and the battle was over.

...but the ensuing melee doesn’t go well for them.
It was probably just as well, because it was time to get dressed for the wedding.  So, we ended the day with a beautiful ceremony and the addition of a new member to our family.
And then there was a wedding....


  1. Excellent timed game and congratulations to the happy couple .

  2. A highlander ferret and mole landsknecht. Sometimes I think its just as well that I live far enough away to resist these things.

    Course then there are things like weddings. He has certainly grown up since I met at Louisburg 20 years ago. My best wishes to Clio and Norman, sorry I wasn't there to see it and meet her.