Sunday, April 2, 2017

Vintage 25mm Fantasy Reinforcements

Part 2 on the solo fantasy campaign is still shaping up, but I did finally finish a few figures yesterday, so I though I would share them.

First up is a team of 18 Minifigs ME (Mythical Earth) elves from ~1974.  I got my start in fantasy miniatures wargaming with Minifigs, and I've been working the past two years to reassemble a representative force to supplement the handful I still have from back in the day.  As I was finishing these figures up, I ended up with another lot of 18 from eBay, so I hope eventually to have two units of twelve, a unit of six, and the three-figure command stand to represent the elves.

Minifig ME Elves

When I revived the old fantasy project, I looked at other Minifigs ranges on the Lost Minis Wiki.  I don't really remember seeing the Valley of the Four Winds figures in stores at the time, but today they interest me.  Among the other oddities in the range is this "giant armored woodlouse" (aka pill bug, or sow bug), so I was pleased when I was able to obtain one last year.  I'm not sure how it's going to feature in a scenario yet, but it's ready when I figure it out.

Minifig Valley of the Four Winds Woodlouse
Another eBay lot last year brought a pack of wargs, a mix of these Custom Cast/Heritage figures (catalog number 1011) and some old Ral Partha Wizards, Warriors, and Warlocks ones.  These were finally painted last month, when Norman came up for a game and paint session on the 11th.  Painting them turned out to be easier to get done than the basing. (not that the basing was especially difficult; just questionable time management on my part.)

Custom Cast/Heritage Wargs

The last thing finished off yesterday is this Iron Wind Metals "Elven Colossus", originally cast by Ral Partha as part of a small range of 54mm display figures.  IWM rereleased it as part of the 2015 Chaos Wars revival Kickstarter.  I did this one as fairly well polished bronze; there are just a few traces of verdigris in the deeper crevices.  The HAWKs members have been playing around a lot with verdigris effects in the production of scenery for Frostgrave.  If I were to do another, I might be "greener"with it.

Iron Wind Metals/Ral Partha "Elven Colossus"


  1. Fantastic! I like the paint job you gave your MF elves, especially the commander. I don't think I ever owned/painted many of the Four Winds figures, except some of the fabulous skeletons. Having them be rereleased with a reasonable price point would be fabulous.

  2. I don't know how reasonable the prices seem, but some of the figures are available.