Wednesday, April 5, 2017

More 1/72 scale work

I have been continuing to work on my Hordes of the Things fantasy campaign armies this week. These three Revell Anglo-Saxons (from set 02551) are almost ready to join the Cold Islander barbarian forces.

I am expecting that these figures won't be based on their final configuration until I get more of the overall class (in this case, "warbands") done. That will allow me to ensure that I don't end up at the end with a stand of 6 figures all in the same pose. I revived this army sub-project after cleaning and priming the figures four or five years ago, so I don't entirely remember what I had in mind, but it was about six stands of six figures each for the warbands, and I'm currently up to about 8 of those 36 figures.


  1. Have you noticed that close up these guys kinda look like those on the Bayeux Tapestry?


  2. I hadn't specifically noticed that, but given the limited number of visual sources, it's pretty logical...

  3. Oh, nice to see these old Revell minis with such a good paint !