Sunday, July 27, 2014

Portable Fantasy Game, Part 2

Historicon last weekend left me inspired to do some work, but tired and a week behind on life's necessary chores. Today I finished a few figures for the portable fantasy game (PFG). These were a Dark Alliance light warg rider, and five Caesar goblins. My immediate goal is to add some additional tactical options to the box before I head off to Gencon in a few weeks.

As I posted a few weeks ago, William and I had a trial game. I was having photo upload difficulties, so I only posted a single picture at the time. Here is the table as we set it up, using most (but not all) of the scenery in the box. For reference, the cloth is about 36" square.

Here a group of orcs crosses a Dave Graffam Model bridge.

When everything is packed away into the 12 liter box, it looks like this. The top layer is the ground cloth, the rules, and a hill.

The next layer down includes two more hills and the roll of roads.

The buildings, trees, figures boxes, walls, lichen and miscellaneous scenics are in the bottom layer. One figure box includes tall figures; the other is short but has more space.

With today's figures, I've got 32 foot figures on half-inch bases in the short box, plus a couple of Reaper Bones spider swarms.

The deep box includes the two cavalry figures, the dragon, the troll, and a few overly dramatic tall foot figures.

Here's an overview.

With a couple of weeks to go, I'm feeling pretty good about this project...


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    1. Thanks. I'm wanting it "done" so I can clear some mental space to work on something else...