Saturday, July 5, 2014

Portable Fantasy Game

I'm quite a bit behind on blogging, and part of it has to do with the fact that I'm experiencing software difficulties with my tablet-based blogging application. So, in the itnerest of showing that I'm still alive and working on things, here's a picture from last week's first trial run of the portable fantasy game (PFG). The PFG is being assembled as a "game in a box", with the box being a 12-litre Really Useful Box. According the information I can find online, this is the largest single box in their line that fits under the Southwest Airlines seat. It's intended as something to take to a convention, as with the recent trip to Huzzah, or the trip to Gencon coming up later this summer. I'll do a set of packing shots sometime soon.

In the scene here, three Caesar 1/72 scale plastic adventurers on 1/2-inch square bases advance down the street of a small hamlet, depicted by a collection of Dave Graffam card models. The road is cut from a piece of print quilting fabric, and the ground cloth is the 3x3 seen in previous games, seamed up double-sided with the green on one side and a desert yellow brown on the other.

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