Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013/2014 Transition

While I have not had the opportunity to put a miniatures game on the table in a few weeks, we did play the Dungeons&Dragons game over the holidays, for which we painted new character figures.. I was pleased to be able to gather my three original players, plus three second generation players, who were tasked with "animating" some of the original henchmen. We played for almost five hours, which is about all I can manage these days. It was fun to dust off the old characters, who hadn't been out, we figured, since sometime in the mid 1990s. I was also pleasantly surprised to find how quickly the 1st edition AD&D rules came back to me (and the rest of the guys) once we got into the game.

A recent Kickstarter for a travel gaming module caught my attention, particularly because of the looming D&D game. I have a couple of "game in a box" set ups, and I am looking forward to adding a traveling rpg set up. With this module gridded in half-inch squares, I thought that it would work well with the 1/72 scale adventurers from Caesar.

I've painted a few of these figures previously, and based them for Hordes of the Things, in support of Norman's Myboria project. These are going to go on 1/2" square bases with magnet bottoms. It occurred to me that I could probably find room in the box for enough of these figures to form a couple of warbands for Song of Blades and Heroes. In any case, there are about a dozen poses in the Caesar box, so I washed a set, and added a half dozen Elves for good measure.

The figure below is another Kickstarter acquisition from last year. As long as we're working on Song of Blades and Heroes, and post-apocalyptic figures seem to be appearing in my mailbox, I thought that I might do some warbands for the Song post-apocalyptic variant, Mutants and Deathray Guns. She's figure number three, so there is some work left to do.

Today, I also finished rebasing all of my previously painted Airfix Robin Hood and Sheriff of Nottingham figures for use with Myboria. This process has been languishing for a couple of months, so I'm glad to have that finished and behind me. Now I need to cut and glue the magnet lining into some storage boxes for these troops.

I have a Song of Blades and Heroes session with the Reaper 28s schedule for Saturday, so I shall hope to have a battle report, or at least a few pictures, up shortly after that.

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  1. It's the darnedest thing, but I've been thinking about getting back into D&D (the original classic game) now and again this last year or so. Looks and sounds like your group had a grand time.

    Best Regards,