Saturday, August 11, 2012

Northern Alliance Victorious!

The tides of war seem to have turned. Where once the steadfast soldiers of the Pragmatic Coalition marched from victory to victory, these days they struggle to maintain their borders against the unstoppable onslaught of the Northern Alliance.
Following the recent disaster at Friedrichsburg during the abortive invasion of Stanzbach-Anwatsch, PC forces have been maneuvering, looking for some sort of opening to exploit. Rumors of an unguarded (but strategic) bridge over a river in a quiet portion of the Schoeffen-Buschhagen/North Polenburg border prompted the PC high command to dispatch a force to seize the bridge in anticipation of further operations. General Nordstrom of Wachovia, as the senior commander present, divided the coalition forces into two divisions, intending to converge on the bridge. Unfortunately, his right flank column was delayed, a circumstance which was ultimately decisive. Finding a Northern Alliance force approaching the bridge as well, he ordered a hasty attack by the left column. His infantry, fording the river, were faced by a blue-coated regiment from Hesse-Hattemstadt. A fierce fight for the control of a walled chateau complex ensued. Meanwhile, North Polenburg cavalry had crossed the bridge and attacked the head of the right flank column, which struggled to deploy. On the far right, a second Alliance force, taking advantage of the delay caused by a large cavalry battle in the center, hurried into position to continue pressing the beleaguered right column.

Ultimately the right column was unable to effectively deploy, the Wachovians on the left captured the chateau but lacked the

supports necessary to hold it, and the cavalry in the center, though ultimately victorious against the North Polenburg dragoons,

found themselves facing a solid wall of North Polenburg infantry. Recognizing that Bellona, goddess of war, was not with them, General Nordstrom ordered the Coalition forces to withdraw.

Referee notes: Today's game was intended to refamiliarize other club members with Charge! We are starting the planning needed to run an NQSYW extravaganza at Cold Wars, so I'd like to pump up some enthusiasm in the club, if possible. Chris Palmer commanded his own North Polenburgers in this game, for the first time in at least ten years. I reused the Important Bridge, Scenario 10 from the Red Book, which we ran at Historicon just a few weeks ago. This involves a random roll for the entry of one force, and, based on the speed of Charge games, I thought it prudent to halve the result. Nevertheless, entering on turn 3 was still enough to leave them struggling to deploy, making it very frustrating for the right column commander. Norman (aka The Prince-Palatine of Wachovia) commanded the left column, and chose to lead with his artillery and infantry. I presume his theory was that the slower forces could use the lead, and make a stab at the chateau position. However, with his right flank delayed, and his cavalry out of action for the first two turns, the development of the action in the center turned out to be very unfavorable for the Coalition. Live and learn...

Unfortunately I ended up too busy to take too many pictures...


  1. Hi Rob,
    Despite the lack of pics, that is an excellent battle report, especially the preliminary description. Is that a map campaign, or just a series of linked teasers? Either way, it sounds very interesting. I especially enjoyed the choices of names.

    1. Somewhere downblog there's an entry on the origins of the project.

      At the moment we are loosely linking teasers with a narrative. We did a short proper campaign back in 1999 (really?!), and I have hopes of putting another together sometime in the near future.

  2. Good to know the Northern Alliance can still win victories without the presence of Rosmark.

  3. Thanks again for running the game Rob, and for the opportunity to show the world North Polenburg still has some fight left in them. :)
    I have posted my photos and report form the game here: