Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Bones etc.

I had the opportunity to do some painting this evening. Pursuant to my interest in the current Reaper plastics Kickstarter project, I finished off a test group of three orcs. Well, almost finished... The orc on the right has had the spear replaced with brass wire for a standard, but I have not decided what sort yet. The orc in the center is slightly reposed to add the left hand dagger; also a little test. Apart from the spears not wanting to stay straight, probably acceptable for bulk grunts at low real costs, there isn't anything to complain about.

I also finished up a beggar that came in the pack with the blacksmith I particularly wanted.


  1. Looks good. How hard was it to replace the spear on the Orc? I've heard filing and drilling the bones material doesn't work too well.

  2. Not especially hard. I put it against a hard surface and carefully drilled with a pin vise. I was trying to match the oversized plastic spears as much as would have been easier with a slightly finer gauge of wire.