Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thoughts after an evacuation

I was pleased this week to finally recover all my scattered possessions after our latest evacuation drill. This was our third flood preparation this year, and I must admit that the effort of carrying the boxes of lead up and down the stairs yet again left me wondering about whether it would be possible to trim my collection without significant loss of wargaming potential.

I have been keeping track of games played for some years now, which makes it possible to note that I have several projects which haven't been on the table in more than five years. I also have considerable stock of materials for projects which must be considered 'false starts' and which are unlikely to ever reach gaming level, as well as overrun for projects which don't really seem to need any additional work. For those latter items, I think the rational plan is to take one final stab at finishing them, and then sell anything remaining uncompleted.

Perhaps that will free up some mental energy as well as space in the war room...


  1. If I might offer a (possibly silly) suggestion . . .

    You and Ross are both looking at consolidating your collections . . . perhaps you might get together and see if you can trade some figures that will help each of you to complete some projects.

    Worth considering, eh?

    -- Jeff

  2. I'll bring it up in our next discussion. (-: