Thursday, September 8, 2011

Evacuation Drill

It was a busy weekend. We got some casting done, and also tried a game of Hordes of the Things with the 1/72 scale armies. Here, the Hero general of the Dinotopian army has been surrounded by the Riders of (hmmm...need a name), whose general is at the right. After a fierce melee in which both generals were hemmed in, his by outflanking riders, mine by pterosaurs, both generals were killed...but I was ahead on points. In an unusual occurrence in a Hordes game, he actually killed my general a turn or two before I managed to get his, but I rolled well and was still able to move some key units.

Unfortunately, however, the succession of tropical storms has left our river well on it's way to its second highest (they estimate) flood on record. We were rousted out of bed this morning by sirens and speaker trucks announcing an emergency evacuation, so it's somewhat uncertain as to when we might be home and what condition we might find it in. We had hoped for several additional hours of orderly preparation, so Norman and I had started by setting aside the Hittites and Egyptians as being light and suitable for a small table game. When the evacuation order came by surprise, they still ended up going with us, and we also grabbed 6mm Hordes, so it could be that's what we restart with. I hope that most of the armies, though, will be safe on the second floor. It could be another long weekend...perhaps it really is time for a more portable approach to this hobby.

-- Mobilis in mobile


  1. Hopefully the books on the 1st floor have headed for higher ground or will at least be above water level.

    There is a lot to be said for light portable armies!

    Good luck.