Friday, April 15, 2011

Constructing Adelheim, Part II

It's been a long week here, so this entry has been somewhat delayed.  We had a work day on the Adelheim fortifications last Saturday.  After a planning session, Duncan and I went out to buy materials.  Duncan set up his saw, and we started ripping the large foam sheets into the raw materials for the curtain wall and parapet lengths.  Bastions will be built by gluing parapets to large solid bases. (See picture below.)
Here one of the bastion bases (we're building three) takes shape on the saw.

Two of the bastion bases laid out on the kitchen counter to start visualizing the final trace.  Multiple trace concepts can be seen on the plan sheet; the triangular section in the lower center is in my hands this week to use as a test for painting.
No engineering project is ever completed on schedule and under budget, and this wasn't an exception.  As the available time drew to a close, Duncan cut a curtain section to fit to the bastion bases as a test.  I think this is going to attract some attention at Historicon.
One of our shopping finds was this ceiling molding piece, which almost looks like it was intended to be the basis of the gate structure.  It's show here temporarily supported on plastic columns from the wedding cake decorating aisle of the arts and crafts store.  I hope to have some time to try some painting techniques on the test section this weekend...


  1. Excellent project. Looking forward to this one in it's fincal form. Congratulations.

  2. Wow -super and inspiring! I am really looking forward to seeing this project come together.


  3. Still a scary amount of work to do...thanks for the encouragement!