Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Constructing Adelheim, Part I

I received some pictures from chief fortifications engineer Duncan Adams today.  On Ross's Battle Game of the Month blog, he's discussing rules development for our Historicon Charge!/Fire and Stone game.  The Maryland team, led by Duncan, will be building the fortress of Adelheim, the objective of our siege.

This view is a dimension check on our proposed fortress cross section.  The parapet and covered way are 1.5" in height; the fortress's gun platform area 2" off the table.  Looks good to me!

Here's a view with a field gun testing the look of the parapets and embrasures, the latter being cut into the foam pieces with a hot wire cutter.

I'm glad to have Duncan leading this operation; a hand waving description of why I thought we would need a hot wire cutter sent him to the workshop to create this cutting jig to ensure uniformity of the embrasures.

I'm looking forward to our work day on Saturday, and to getting some sections in my hands for the painting technique tests!

(Photos and foam work all by Duncan Adams.)


  1. My Engineers are at work on designing a Giant hot wire for mining operations as we speak while my artillery men argue the use of Hot Shot against styrafoam walls. :)

  2. Nice jig Duncan made. I'll have to try to remember this if I ever get around to fortress construction.