Saturday, December 18, 2010

Junior Nationals Again

Wargames are on hold for a couple of days while my son competes at the US Junior Championships in ice dancing.  I almost brought a scenario book for review, since we're having an NQSYW game on the 26th, but figured that I'd be too distracted....and so it is.


  1. I wish him and his partner much good fortune in their competition. My wife was a skater with Ice Capades for seven years (late 50s, early '60s) and we love to watch skating on TV.

    -- Jeff on Vancouver Island, BC

  2. Thanks, Jeff! It went well for them; they won the event and were (to their great pleasure) first in the scoring for all three component dances, so he didn't have to rely on his outstanding compulsory dance scores to make up for his sometimes erratic freedance score. Ice Capades? That's pretty impressive too...