Thursday, December 30, 2010

Egyptian Chariots

I finally had some time today to sit down and work on a project which has been nagging me for a while: finishing the last two chariots for a 1000pt WAB Egyptian army.  I've had the army on the table already, but have had to borrow a couple of allied chariots from my son, the Great King of the Hittites.

I don't have all my basing materials with me, but I at least have them attached to the bases proper, and will do sand and grass tomorrow or Saturday.

This pair of chariots completes the original plan, and I therefore ordered a little reward, an Atlantic Pharaoh's Court set to gather a few civilians, and possibly to build a little vignette of a scribe counting a pile of hands, with which to taunt my opponent.


  1. The caeser egyptian chariots is a very nice set...pity that ceaser seem to think it wise to delete such sets from thier programme :-(
    Nicely painted..
    Happy new year

  2. My son and I stockpiled enough for any reasonable future project, but we do wish they would issue the Mycenaen chariot that they've been showing masters of for a long time. That would give us the grand overarching Bronze Age project we hoped for when we started...

  3. The Mycenaen chariot!!! I looked forward to this when they announced it..along with the war of the roses (finally they have european knights out) and the medieval peasants...I live in hope but they seem to have gotten themselves into a WWII german infantry rut :-(
    Still..there´s always next year:-)