Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, Old Battle

My older son, aka the Great King of the Hittites, has been home for winter break, but will be headed back to school today for a January mini-term. We decided that we had better get in at least one game to keep us encouraged on our chariot project before he left, so we pulled out the figures and cleared the table last night. We had a quick game of Hittites attempting to raze a village against a local force, with the Egyptians coming on the table relatively slowly. The picture above shows the advance guard of the Egyptian force preparing to take on the left wing Hittite chariot squadron. We were not too concerned about scenario balance (which could have used some work), since our main objective is to get to the point where the Warhammer Ancient Battles rules are automatic and don't require stopping to look things up. A few more games should see us at that point, for a while ...

I haven't had a brush out yet this year; but will put in some time clearing and organizing the painting desk today.

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  1. They are coming along nicely. Have you contemplated starting the Greek vs Persian phase with Cambyses expedition to Egypt? Thus making use of existing Egyptians as foes.