Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At the desk

I finally had time to sit down at my painting desk for a little while this evening. While I don't really like to show things in progress, the fact that there is progress is worth a little celebration. I have two chariots to go to finish phase one of the Egyptian army. I find the horses take me longer than the other elements of the chariot, so I decided I'd do the horses first on these last two. I set the crews up for priming then slopped varnish on the horses, here seen still drying...

The team painting sticks have helped with these particular unbased figures; I haven't used special purpose painting jigs since I was doing 15mm cavalry back in the late '80's, but I will have to consider it again in the future. A revised chariot edition would include some sort of holder for the car.


  1. Thats a neat system for holding the figures for painting - although if I did it I think I'd probably spear myself!

  2. I've come close a few times. In fact, a couple of my push pins are already getting a trifle dull, so I've had to impale the figures cautiously.