Saturday, November 28, 2009

Into Battle

As depicted here, this unit of 16 Sea People of the 13th century BC is not quite ready for battle. They were completed yesterday, which allowed me to use them in a game with my son and his Hittites.

Unfortunately, they seem to follow the wargame rule that says that new units will be effective in an inverse proportion to the amount of time spent painting them, and their fate was to flee ignominiously. Ah well, at least I enjoyed painting them...


  1. Perahaps they were embarrased by the state of the bases? One can only hope that rectifying this will stiffen their resolve for the next game.

  2. Oops, sounds like you did finish the bases before battle. Oh well, there is no hope for them!


  3. They did better in the rematch this evening. And I did finish the bases. (-: At some point I'll be adding an entry on the fact that I am discovering that I care more about the look of the thing than the game play, so I try very hard to avoid unsightly figures on the table. Guess that means that table clutter should be the next target...