Sunday, November 29, 2009

Into Battle, Again

Inspired by the lack of success in the previous battle, and, more practically, by the fact that my son has to go back to school today, we did a reprise of the Egyptian/Hittite encounter on the same terrain last night. Here you can see the Sea People in action against a group of Hittite spearmen. We are using Warhammer Ancient Battles with house modifications to deal with multiple figure bases; these are still evolving. Tokens (unsightly, but as unobtrusive a color as I could find for this ground cloth) represent casualties.

The results were more satisfactory, from my point of view, although we were both set scrambling back to the painting table to provide dismounted versions of our generals, so that when their chariot is destroyed next time, they are not also removed (per the rules.)

When we were finished with the game, I had the not unusual experience of being ready to sit down with a brush and add some color to something. The project at the front of the bench was a squadron of semi-flat cavalry for Charge!, but more of that later...


  1. Visually I like casualty figures but for practical purposes, some friends here have tiny little dice which are neat & tidy, not too obtrusive and practical since they show the hits at a glance.

    Sq#9 came back from the country with me today. That'll give me 6 heavy and 3 light.

  2. For WAB use, where we might need as many as seven casualties before a stand is eliminated, we've considered doing markers on octagons with numbers on the edges, or something like that, so that not too many would be needed. Tokens are less likely to be disarrayed by the throwing of combat dice than little dice would be. I used to hassle one of my opponents about his penchant for systems involving having various dice as markers chasing units around the field. I'd feel guilty if adopted such a system myself. (-:

  3. I find that the bingo markers occasionally get confused and start following the wrong unit. The very little dice can actaully squeeze on to the stand but point taken. A freind here is adding a small flex steel strip on the back of the base and using a small magnetic marker to track hits.