Friday, May 3, 2019

Battle Reports

One of my personal hobby challenges this year is to try to keep more entertaining records of games played, so I have been sketching maps with colored pencils to memorialize the games.

I was getting a little behind, so I was pleased to be able to take some time today to catch up on entries for the latest two games.
The Ambush scenario from the 20th of April

Here’s the Ambush scenario as played with Ross Macfarlane on the 20th...

Ghost Archipelago game from the 27th of April

and the Ghost Archipelago campaign game from the 27th.  I may yet get a fuller battle report for that posted here, since I do have a few additional pictures.

At any rate, since I am now caught up, I can set up the solo game for my (theoretically) ongoing fantasy campaign without a sense that there’s anything else I should be doing.


  1. Great idea! I find that sketch maps a useful adjunct to photos, offering a frame of reference the better to place the pics in context. I like the journal idea, too, and have been thinking about that for some time, but more specific to campaigns.

  2. Your hand written journal and maps do stir the imagination more than some scribblings on a computer. Its a pity that even I find my own scribblings and maps indecipherable!