Sunday, June 18, 2017

Switching things up

We swapped armies out for a third game, and ended up with orcs against the elves (and allies). Prompted by the game I played with Ross at Huzzah, I decided I could be more daring with my approach to the terrain, and tried to attack his archers in the woods with my heroes. Things did not work out...eventually, I was vindicated in my notion that a hero-general in the woods with a total of +4 was still a powerful unit as I started to roll up his orcish warband. It was too late by then, though, as his general succeeded in his first attack on my stronghold for an immediate victory.


  1. Timing, its all about timing.. (and luck)

  2. My timing was definitely off in this battle, but I figure two out of three isn't too bad. :D