Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saturday Games

Saturday was a good day for gaming.  We had another round of the HAWKs club Frostgrave campaign, using scenarios from the Thaw of the Lich Lord book (or whatever it's called).  This time around, the Lich Lord's cultists were bogged down with a treasure caravan, which proved an irresistible lure to the dedicated treasure seekers who prowl the dead city of Frostgrave.  My crew, led by Basil the elementalist and his apprentice Rosemary, found themselves poised to swoop down on the center of the caravan, where much of the richest treasure lay.  

Despite the efforts of the cultists to protect their ill-gotten loot, Basil and his henchmen looted two carts and found a few loose treasures beside, so I ended the day with five, when a "fair share" would be three.  I haven't kept meticulous records, but I think this may be the most successful raid I've had in the year-plus that we've been campaigning.

Basil and his henchmen consider the treasure-laden cultist cart

To add to the game, one of the seven players was my son Norman, who has recently finished painting a war band for Frostgrave out of spare Reaper Bones we've had around the house.  He came up from DC for the day, but it was a rough day for his band.  His apprentice was killed and the pickings were somewhat slim, as he found himself embroiled in an extended scuffle with another treasure hunter.

Son Norman showed up for the festivities
Later in the afternoon, he and I continued the series of Hordes of the Things games we have been running recently.  I mocked up a sample army of the Cold Islanders (Viking-inspired barbarians) that I finished a unit for this week, and Norman took an army led by an ancient magician featuring giant scorpion demons (behemoths in HotT terms).

Giant scorpion demons, from the TSR Dragonstrike game
 Unfortunately for me, I had not considered that war bands such as my barbarians are particularly vulnerable to behemoths, and his army swept the field in short order, with the only worrying moment from his point of view being a single unsuccessful raid on his stronghold by one of my two heroes.
The Cold Islander archers as completed
At least the archers came out looking satisfactory...I dug around in the "pending paint" box and decided that I would work on two stands of  two-handed axemen (blades in HotT) as my next effort for this project.

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