Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another Vintage Minifig

I think that I mentioned in my Huzzah report, back in May, that I had picked up a horde of old figures in the flea market.  Most of them were Hinchliffe Byzantines (and allies), but there were also a couple of dozen Minifigs, some Mythical Earth (ME) Dunlendings, some Alexander Nevsky figures, and some NS (Norman/Saxon) figures.

I have, perhaps, gone a little overboard on the vintage fantasy project which has been occupying my attention this year.  In any case, I had a chance to pick up a couple of lots of figures off eBay which included some ME figures and some Sword and Sorcery (SS) figures.  Somehow, the marginal rational part of my mind took over and I thought that I had better try painting a few old Minifigs before I sank a lot of additional money into looking for more.

So, I dug through the eBay lots and the Huzzah figures and came up with a group of a half dozen to try.  The goblin from the previous post was the first finished, and yesterday I completed this NS25, presumably Saxon, spearman.  I've still got a Hundred Years War foot soldier with an axe, an armored Norman swinging an axe, an NS crossbowman (presumably Norman, but without the distinctive Norman haircut), and an ME Gondorian swordsman to go.  I found this spearman to be easier to paint than I had expected, so perhaps additional Minifigs are in the near future.

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  1. Again a lovely paint job. Minifigs are my favourite manufacturer.