Monday, June 8, 2015

More Recent Painting

This is another catch-up post. I've mentioned previously that I have been inspired to work on a project using my older 25mm fantasy figures, which haven't seen much play lately.

I finished these four bases about a month ago, but haven't posted them here. Each one is from a different manufacturer of the 1970s.

First up is a Ral Partha ES-6, patriarch. He ended up looking a little Roman, in the white and purple color scheme. I used to use one of these figures as my cleric character back in the day, but the original has been lost to time. This one was acquired from eBay.

Over the next several months, it is my intention to go back and paint my way through the early Ral Partha ES series figures, with a cutoff of ES-64, the last figure listed in the 1979 catalog.

Next up is an Archive pixie, catalog number 650, which has been floating around in my junk box for decades. I pulled it out after Cold Wars, when the acquisition of a handful of old figures prompted me to sift what I still had left and unpainted. I based him on the rock to give the figure a total bulk similar to that of a human.

This Heritage sorceress, one of four from set number 1206 (in the Dungeon Dwellers line), was obtained some years ago when another HAWK was cleaning out his backlog. The Heritage figures were a bit cartoony, but that's probably why they were fairly easy to paint. I enjoyed working on this one, and the other three will be along eventually.

The elves on this base were part of the group I brought home from Cold Wars, and are Minifigs ME-5s, from their original Mythical Earth range, one of the earliest (if not the earliest) fantasy ranges produced. I've posted my few survivors before, some Ents and Huorns, a pair of mounted Ringwraiths, and a pack of three wolves. My Huzzah flea market haul included more than a dozen Dunlending spearmen, and I'm painting a small group of dwarves from Cold Wars, so Minifigs will be a little better represented when we start running the Aurora Project games next year.

As long as I was working on older figures, I decided to have a go at a Prince August homecast figure, an archer from the Heroes and Fighters mold (669). While they are from the early to mid-80s, as far as I can tell, they mix better stylistically with the earlier figures than they do with the figures I was buying in the mid-80s, let alone the ones I've bought lately.


  1. Lovely figures looking great painted up.
    p.s I look forward to seeing them in action

  2. Thanks, Alan! I've tentatively got a game scheduled for Sunday using our developmental Morschauser rules. Since we're working on the personality rules, I hope to have a bunch of the new things on the table.