Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rehabilitated Minifig Wolves, and an Elf

I mentioned earlier that I had started posting picture of old miniatures to the Reaper forum. I have three wolves from the Minifigs Mythical Earth range, ca. 1974. All of them had a very undistinguished ancient paint job on them, and none had seen play for a long, long time. (The original goblin riders, sold separately, have been lost in the mists of time...)

As I thought about the idea of putting on a game to show off the old figures, it became clear to me that it would be respectful if I could at least try to make them look a little better. So, I quickly stripped the old paint, pulled up a good timber wolf picture from the net, and went to work. Just adding some real wolf coloration helped considerably, although the noses remain strangely long. I finished the basing last night, and put on the final varnish this morning.

The wolves are seen here with another repaint, an early Ral Partha Wizards, Warriors and Warlocks range wood elf. Despite the case of macrocephaly, these remain among my favorite early fantasy figures. I tried to do this one nicely, with the traditional green cloak of the rest of my wood elves, but with the white tunic in an effort to brighten up the whole presentation a bit.


  1. Cracking painting there.The WWW line is one of my favourite ranges.

  2. Agreed! They look really good grouped together on a single base too. And if the snouts a bit long, well, they are fantasy wolves after all.

    Best Regards,


  3. Thanks. Quirky as they are, the WWW elves are apparently popular with their owners...I've been looking for a few things on eBay this week. Dwarves and goblins from that range are uncommon, but the elves are outright rare.