Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Work, Part 3

Here is a painting trial, of a Saxe-Weilenz grenadier for the NQSYW. S-W has been my proposed opposing force army since 1996; this is the first SW figure I've actually painted.


  1. He looks quite good. Meisterzinn mold?

    The grey makes for a nice neutral opponent for SB.

    hmm Apparantly I am actually a robot, must try again to fool it.

  2. I like it. I have always liked the way that a light grey shows up well on the table top and how the cuff colors really show well against it.

    Furthermore, with the orange it is a good one to post on Halloween.

    -- Jeff

  3. That does end up looking a little orange in that hot, but it is a Vallejo scarlet...

    It is a Meisterzinn casting, but he's possibly going to end up standing in as the sergeant in a company otherwise consisting of marching Prince August grenadiers, if I think they mix. Otherwise, it'll take a while to get a whole unit cast; another difficult mold.

  4. Nice grenadier! I was thinking of getting some Meisterzinn ...but is the casting difficult...sometimes my PA molds give me a real headache.

  5. I like the pose - you've certainly done the figure justice.