Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Casting

With Norman home for the long weekend, we decided to try some figure production for the NQSYW project. Our recent game sparked some interest, and some units were requested by members not previously involved.

As is often the case, some molds were fine and some were frustrating. Cavalry, in particular, was not cooperative yesterday, with the exception of the Prussian Garde du Corps Cuirassier mold, which was running about 80% good castings. Luckily, Norman is starting some Wachovian guard cavalry. The figure was also used as an officer in the two mercenary armies we picked up, so I can complete their cavalry regiments by Cold Wars. (I hope...)

I may have to try a solo session Monday after Norman leaves to see whether the cavalry will cooperate, and to diagnose the venting required for the 40mm dogs.


  1. Your picture answered a question I had. The Prince August clamps really aren't up to the job. I have some of those very clamps you used on your molds, and will use them next time I cast.

    I went a bit berserk after getting two molds on ebay. I then ordered two double molds from Prince August, and then picked up 11 more molds on ebay for about $7 each. There are 3 molds that are all one piece castings of hussars. I am not sure how they will cast. That is a bunch of metal compared to the other molds.

  2. yes those clamps are key to good casting...not to tight and not too loose...and even still it sometimes requires venting on those big cavalry figures.

  3. Sometimes the gods of homecasting are not with you .

  4. I am planning on having a longer casting session this weekend. The weather is supposed to be excellent, and I just spent 5 days at the in-laws and have racked up some significant points with my wife. :)