Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mayhem Playtest gallery

As promised, here are a few shots from the playtest game on the 25th.  I'm afraid that real life is continuing to delay production of the Cold Wars after action report.

One note on the play of this game in comparison to the convention: In the home game, the English players made very aggressive use of their bowmen, ensuring that they got to shooting positions and stayed shooting as much as possible.  At the convention, the English players did not, and were eventually overwhelmed by the arriving reinforcements.  How much tactical advice should a gamemaster hand out during a convention game?

Alleyne and companions fight their way up the road

English archers being used aggressively to the left and the right of the advance up the road

Along the other approach, a few French crossbowmen gamely attempt to hold against the English

In an effort to delay matters, the French herd the cows into the constricted area of the churchyard

At last, the French reinforcements appear 

....only to be shot down by the waiting longbows


  1. I don't recognize 2 of the French crossbows, conversions? irregular? or??

    As for advice, some will always ignore it and anyway there were some historical English commanders that did not make the most of their longbowmen.

  2. You tell me...they're your conversions...(-:

  3. Ah... I guess it has been a while since the last the Relief of the Castle Mayhem game. That's the last one I remember. These must be based on some dollar store figures - essentially the kneeling figure but I haven't a clue.