Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After a week of intensively finishing off a proofreading job in all of my free time two weeks back, and a week devoted to the final preparations for my first outing to a ballroom dance competition this last weekend, I am hoping to get back into a gaming and painting groove for a while. This past Friday I invested most of my available home time into cleaning off my painting desk. Norman and I also sorted our 40mm NQSYW castings into unit sets and assessed our shortfall areas in anticipation of casting next weekend, AND I rebased a number of Airfix Sherriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood figures into a hasty Hordes of the Things medieval fantasy army, as both sons have armies nearing completion. I haven't, however, had time to finish terraining the bases since then.

I was given a few Meisterzinn 40mm semiflat Renaissance molds today, by a work colleague, which may see use as soon as next weekend...I'm still pending a discussion with Ross about next year's concentration on the 16th Century for convention games.

I have a feeling that trying to do less would result in more things actually being finished ....


  1. A fellow ballroom dancer/wargamer, a rare breed indeed. How did you get on?


  2. Can we see Robin Hood pics? Hope the dancing went well.

  3. The dancing went quite well. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was calm, unlike skating tests and competitions...I got the trophy for being best novice guy. (-:

    I'll post some pictures of the Robin Hood army when I get the basing done; we've been a little disrupted here with hurricane preparations.