Saturday, July 9, 2011

Siege of Adelheim, Game 2

As I mentioned last night, for the second game we backed up and started from the second parallel. Once again we had only two players, and filled in the fortress's defenders with ringers. In this case that was not inappropriate, as they were my sons, and they were therefore commanding their own troops for the most part. Artillery fire was an issue for the attackers in this game, and the attackers lost considerably more guns than the defenders (badly sited batteries, as revealed through the mechanism of die rolls, perhaps?). One hotly contested sortie resulted in the delay of the third parallel, but eventually the Northern Alliance had troops massed within range of the central ravelin. Most of its defenders had been evacuated under the threat of ricochet fire. Nevertheless, casualties among the Northern Alliance were high as they seized the ravelin in a bold escalade, seen here in the photo. A Wiegenburg ensign can be seen waving defiantly on the ravelin, just before the defenders were forced to fall back.

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  1. Once again this looks great - what do you feel the attackers did wrong?