Friday, July 8, 2011

Siege of Adelheim, Game 1

Unlike our foray into the exotic a few years ago with the relief of Haddington, 1549, siege games do not appear to be popular. We had only two players for the first run of the game. nevertheless, we carried on. The picture here was taken around turn 8, after the third parallel was established. We called the game after four hours of play at turn 11; the atackers had esablished a thorough artillery superiority and had cleared the covered way along the front of one of the outlying ravelins; a breach within a few turns was inevitable. For the second game, we chose to reset back to the second parallel rather than play out the last few turns.


  1. What a sighting! Spectacular and eye-candy: cheers!

  2. This looks fantastic, you could put a chap to thinking...