Sunday, July 10, 2011

Siege of Adelheim 3, Historicon Saturday morning

As the weekend proceed, my mounting fatigue level makes writing battle reports difficult. We tried the siege for the third time on Saturday morning, and started from a similar position to that used in the second game, except that Ross calculated that it would be better if the attackers had laid the second parallel out a little farther forward than they had in the first game (and which we used as the basis of the second game). After the usual tense sapping and constructing of batteries, the attackers eventually massed troops just beyond the crest of the covered way and launced an assault to clear the way to build their breaching batteries. The photo here shows the Northern Alliance troops, principally MacDuff's Fusiliers, leading the assault.


  1. Stirring stuff and an excellent photo..

  2. I like the job on the brickwork - muted, but very suggestive.