Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sawmill Village/Chance encounter

Ross and I were looking for a quick scenario today which would require us to refamiliarize ourselves with the building rules in Charge!, as we expect to be needing them this weekend. The scenario chosen was #41 from CS Grant's Scenarios for Wargames, "Chance Encounter" (also known as Sawmill Village, as described in The War Game Companion), I chose to use my freshly painted dragoon squadron as one of my units, and was amazed as they won a two-turn melee with a squadron of the Rosmark Yellow Hussars (seen here at the start), and then proceeded to win a second melee with the Yellow Hussar's second squadron, despite being down on dice due to a need to rally.

The victorious dragoons are seen here at the moment of victory. Unfortunately, that was the highpoint of the game, as the remainder of my troops were sacrificed in a fruitless attempt to break into the town against determined Rosmarker (er, Rosish) resistance. Ten turns were played in about two hours, reminding me why I like Old School games...

On to Cold Wars and the first Not Quite Raid on St. Michel scenario tomorrow!

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